How it started

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Welcome to Farm Fresh Photography and Handmade’s!

I'm Rebecca, an avid farmer, photographer and handmade lover! I have been photographing agriculture since i was in high school, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

My photography class teacher probably thought i was nuts… heres this girl who shows up to class with work boots, Carhartt pants and a dirty sweater, right from automotive class…with camera in hand ready to learn! My subjects and back drops may have been different than the rest of my classmates, but i was damn proud of it, and i knew that i wanted to continue sharing these images of agriculture outside of the classroom.

I started selling photo greeting cards at the farmers markets where my parents were every weekend! I had such an amazing beginning too my photography business with this outpour of support from my parents, my Oma and Opa ( for building me racks and display fixtures) and all the customers who supported me! Fast forward to today! I've had my photography shared in numerous magazines, farm business portfolios, photo contests, and have expanded too creating photography products with my images! I know i wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for my parents pushing me along to enter photo contests, too my dad who always told me to grab my camera when we did field work, and for finding my first camera!! ( literally finding it on the side of the highway!!)

And now the handmade’s… you know i could never be content with only one thing on the go.. so I jumped right into making candles and lip chaps with lard from our pigs! My small business of candles and lip chaps, back then named "Oink Oink candles" was such an exciting endeavour for me! Ive always had such a creative mind, and making candles with all these scents was just the thing for me! This soon intrigued me to make soap with a lard base as well! I’ve never had so much fun creating all the fun shapes, scents and colours.. all while staying true too my roots, with natural ingredients, and incorporating ingredients that i hand picked! I had a wildflower soap that I made, and I used to collect all these flower petals, then I would dry them and put them into jars to use for my soaps! It was such a process and I’m sure everyone around me was getting annoying with these cookie sheets of half ripped apart flowers that were drying out!

Along with the candles, soaps and lip chaps I had to share my little love of crocheting.. such an old school thing I know.. I feel like and old lady when I sit down with my crochet hook and my huge basket of yarn! But I absolutely love too create crochet items! I grew up with both of my Oma’s knitting and making such amazing creations! I wish to one day be able to create things like they do!

Now its 2022… crazy how time flies and how far I’ve come since my first photos and all my little achievements along the way! I couldn’t be happier with the growth and support I’ve had over the years with my business! high-school me, way back in 2015, never would of expected all this from a camera my dad found on the side of the road, but i wouldn’t trade it for anything, i can express myself, share all of the agricultural industries beauty, and share my crafty creations with everyone!

This is the very first picture I posted on my photography facebook page.. way back on November 23rd 2012.. I remember I created my facebook page while sitting at my college dormroom desk. At this point I had my photography business for a couple years already but finally jumped onto the social media train in 2015. Honestly I was probably procrastinating an assignment at the time and deciced to tackle another adventure and make a facbook page!

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